Gothic Era & Paintings

Fra Beato Angelico This era was established in 1140/50 in Ile-de-France and replaced the Romanesque art. This led to a novel refinement and elegance of the art, which was achieved by moving lines, bright colors and a penchant for naturalism and realism of landscape images. The 14th and 15th Century produced more and more "domestic" images, such as portraits and landscapes as religious art was shifting between mystical culture and a new humanization of religion

The Gothic was finally replaced by the Renaissance at the end of the 15th Century.

Artists of the art style Gothic Style

Fra Beato Angelico
Guido di Pietro da Mugello, Fra Giovanni da Fiesole, Beato Angelico
* um 1387 † 1455
Fra Beato Angelico - Proclamation to Mary
Rogier van der Weyden
Rogier de la Pasture
* 1399/1400 † 1464
Rogier van der Weyden - Portrait of a Lady
Andrej Rublev
* um 1370 † 1430
Andrej Rublev - Hallow Trinity
Petrus Christus
* um 1410 † 1472/73
Petrus Christus - Portrait of a young woman.
Stephan Lochner
* um 1410 † 1451
Stephan Lochner - The Mother of God in the rose arbour
 Meister (Oberrheinischer) - The Paradiesgärtlein
Simone Martini
* um 1285 † 1344
Simone Martini - Annunciation
Fra Filippo Lippi
* um 1406 † 1469
Fra Filippo Lippi - Madonna and Child with Angels, c.1455 (tempera on panel)
Martin Schongauer
* um 1450 † 1491
Martin Schongauer - Mary in the rose grove
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
* um 1290 † 1348
Ambrogio Lorenzetti - Buon Governo, Landscape
Dieric Bouts d. Ä.
Dirck Bouts
* um 1415 † 1475
Dieric Bouts d. Ä. - Altar pearl of Brabant. Total
Duccio (di Buoninsegna)
* um 1255 † um 1318
 Duccio (di Buoninsegna) - Move of Jesu in Jerusalem.
Michael Pacher
* um 1435 † 1498
Michael Pacher - Teufel und Augustinus
 Unbekannter Künstler - On the Dogger Bank
Lippo Memmi
* 1317
Lippo Memmi - Thronender Christus mit den 12 Aposteln und Engeln
Domenico Veneziano
Domenico di Bartolomeo
* 1400/10 † 1461
Domenico Veneziano - Profile picture of a young lady
 Meister des Erfurter Einhornaltars - Middle panel of the altar with Maria and the unicorn
Gentile da Fabriano - Adoration of the Magi (altarpiece) (detail of 29414)
Stefano di Giovanni
* 1392 † 1450
 Sassetta - The Journey of the Magi (tempera)
 Meister (Ferraresischer) - Harfespielende Muse
* 1. Viertel 15. Jh.
 Schlesisch - St. Hedwig Altaraufsatz out of the church of Rusk
Pietro di Alvaro
* tätig 1411 † 1434
Pietro di Alvaro - Christ risen from the dead.
 Meister der schlafenden Maria aus Kosatek - Mercy chair out of the church of Swierzawa
Hans Mayr von Landshut - The Dragon Fight of St. Georg
 Meister (Ungarischer) - Altar panel of obscure origin. The St. Martin and the beggar
Martin Schongauer (Umkreis) - The birth Christi.
 Meister (Niederländischer) - Tobias and the angel
 Meister von Flémalle  R.Campin - Trinity. Con side of a Diptychons.
französisch Handschrift - Coronation of Mary by the Holy Trinity
Luis Borrassá
* 1380 † 1424
Luis Borrassá - The wondrous raid Petri panel of the Peter altar from Tarrassa.
 Wilton Diptychon - Richard II. King of England
Pacino di Buonaguida
* fl.1303 † 39
Pacino  di Buonaguida - The Tree of Life
 Meister d.Oberschönfelder Altars - Coronation Mariae/death Mariae
Gherardo Starnina
* um 1360 † 1409/13
Gherardo Starnina - The Last Judgement
Bernardo Daddi
* um 1220 † 1348/51
Bernardo Daddi - The birth Christi. Part from the wing of a triptych
 Meister (Schwäbischer) - Representation from the legend of Saint Nikolaus.
 Regensburger Maler - Emission of the St. spirit.
Francesco del Cossa
* 1435/36 † 1477/78
Francesco del Cossa - The proclamation Mariae
 Holzschnitt - Justitia.
 Meister (Unbekannter deutscher) - Elector Maximilian I. of Bavaria (1573-1651)
 Meister des St. Barbara-Polyptychons - Mother of God with child in the room
Justus van Gent - Augustinus
Masolino da Panicale
Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini
* um 1383 † 1447
Masolino da Panicale - Foundation of p. Maria Maggiore
Meister des Hausbuches
* letztes Viertel 15.Jh.
 Meister des Hausbuches - The resurrection Christi.
Barnaba da Modena
* vor 1361 † nach 1383
Barnaba da Modena - Madonna with the child.
Meister des Bambino Vispo
* 1. Hälfte 15.Jh.
 Meister des Bambino Vispo - Maria with the child.
Schule von Krakau
* Anfang 16.Jh.
 Schule von Krakau - The St. three agreement.
Meister (Rheinischer)
* 2.Hälfte 15.Jh.
 Meister (Rheinischer) - Christ at the cross with Maria and Johannes
 Meister (Unbekannter tschechischer) - Madonna with the Child
 Meister (Venezianischer) - Birth Mariae
 Meister der hl.Veronika - Barbarauf
Konrad Witz (Schule) - Saint Martin
Cassone Meister
* 1402 † 1489
Cassone Meister - Musicians part from wedding the Lisa Ricasoli.
 Meister (Spanischer  Seo de Urgel) - Proclamation of Mariae
Jean Malouel
* um 1370 † 1415
Jean Malouel - Pietà
 Meister des Altars von Berzenke - The complaints of St. Joachim.
 Meister des Epitaphs des Florian Winkler - The martyrdom of St. Jakob of this year
 Meister von Sisla, Spanien - The death of the sacred virgin.
 Meister von Großraigern Rajhrad - Birth Christi. Altar wing
 Meister von Németlipcse (Ungarn) - Birth Christi.
 Meister von Szépesbéla (Ungarn) - The vision of St. Antonius.
* um 1480
 Oberrheinisch - Maria with the child.
 Meister von Bartfa (Ungarn) - Madonna with the child.
 Meister von Kassa (Ungarn) - Madonna with the rose
Jorge Ingles
* 15. Jh.
Jorge Ingles - Holy Trinity in a circle of Angels
 Meister d.Altars von Ayala/Spanien - Curse to Egypt
Frances Nicolas
* 1400 † 1468
Frances Nicolas - Altar essay with scenes from the life of the St. Franziskus.
Lorenzo Veneziano (Schule) - Madonna and child with angels
Rueland Frueauf d.Ä.
* 1440/45 † 1507
Rueland Frueauf d.Ä. - Passion altar of Christ at the torture column
Giovanni di Bartolo Matteo
* um 1430 † 1495
Giovanni di Bartolo Matteo - Madonna with child and the hll. Katharina and Christophorus.
Meister (Bamberger)
* tätig vor 1487
 Meister (Bamberger) - The apostle gave off with view of Bamberg of the east
 Meister des Bersword-Altars - Berswold altar crucifixion Christi.
 Meister d.Altars von Hohenfurth - The Ascension Day Christi.
 Meister d.Altars von Hohenfurth Werkst - Madonna with child.
 Meister (Tschechischer) - The Madonna with the Jesusknaben
 Meister d.Jakobsaltars, tschechisch - Capture of St. Jakob.
 Meister Theodorus, tschechisch - St. Elisabeth boards a sick person
 Meister des Altars von Wittingau - Madonna Roudnicka.
Fernando Gallegos
* 1440 † 1507
Fernando Gallegos - Blessing Christ.
Meister der hl.Verdiana
* tätig 1370/1420
 Meister der hl.Verdiana - Madonna on the throne with four angels
Jakob van Utrecht
* 1408 † 1535
Jakob van Utrecht - St. Bernhard at the German Reichstag to Speyer
 Meister d.Tiburtinischen Sibylle - The prophecy of the Tiburtinischen Sibylle
 Meister d.Nürnberger Passion - Maria with the child and an angel
Gabriel Maelesskircher
* um 1425 † 1495
Gabriel Maelesskircher - Legend of St. Veit.
 Meister des Bonner Diptychons - Maria with the child and founders
 Meister der Weibermacht - Maria with the child.
Lorenzo di Monaco
* 1370/72 † 1422/25
Lorenzo di Monaco - Maria with the child
Segna di Buonaventura
* tätig 1298 † 1327
Segna di Buonaventura - Madonna with child and the Saint Bartholomäus and Ansanus.
Andrea di Vanni
* um 1332 † 1413
Andrea di Vanni - The St. Franziskus.