Our artistic printing supports

Adorable art prints enhance your style and revitalize your home. Choose your picture in the desired size and then choose the right material for printing your art copy. We then produce your picture in our Hamburg factory exactly according to your wishes: a real unique piece.

We know that the selection is great and sometimes it's not just the right material to find for a picture. Therefore, below is an overview of our materials for superbly durable art prints. Discover now the manifold possibilities at ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM.

Fine art prints on paper

Our fine art papers are printed on a high quality, colorfast and durable paper of your choice. As a result, the colors look authentic, aesthetic and underline the effect of your image.

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Fine art prints on canvas

Our canvas prints are made with the highest level of quality. So every motif on our screens looks like an extraordinary piece of art. These murals captivate with their authentic canvas structure and contrasting, radiant colors.

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Fine art photo prints

For photographers and photo amateurs, we offer special premium photo papers that perfectly present details, guarantee long-lasting beauty and have sturdy surfaces. Choose your favorite photo and let it beautify your home in the best quality.

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Fine art prints on wood

Prints on wood have a special look due to the natural material, because the structure and color of the wood can shine through in bright areas of the motif as desired. Wooden pictures are sturdy and durable eye-catchers.

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Fine art prints on aluminum

Her artwork printed on aluminum composite panel offers many possibilities for a wonderful interior design. Take advantage of the puristic effect of the material and stage works of art professionally and elegantly.

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Fine art prints on acrylic glass

Print your picture directly behind acrylic glass and get a depth effect that gives the picture that special something. The noble material looks professional and is suitable for many motifs, both in classical art, as well as in photography.

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Fine art prints on tempered glass

Make your wall decoration with diamond glass pictures. The robust, durable and colourfast material sets motifs in a particularly beautiful scene and provides a special depth effect and light reflections that can be used specifically.

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Magnetic images

You want to use your favorite motif in a very practical way? On a printed magnetic board, you can attach postcards, shopping lists and small notes with conventional kitchen magnets. This feature allows you to use a work of art in everyday life.

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