Benny Arte ( * 1970 )

Jonathan Becerra

Jonathan Becerra (artist name: Benny Arte) was born in 1970 in Caracas (Venezuela). He is the son of Milton Becerra, celebrated visual artist.  His family environment will give him the possibility to meet during his  childhood many artists such as Jesus Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Pancho Quilici.

During the 1990s, he studied computer science and began to learn digital techniques. Seduced by the modernity of Vasarely's works and the visionary side of the artist, Jonathan Becerra quickly discovers that Vasarely appears as the forerunner of digital art - today in full swing, recognizes himself in Vasarely’s vision of " art for all "and his desire to integrate art in all areas of life.

Shortly afterwards Benny Arte will stage a Lego character named Benny and place it in environments resulting from popular mass culture such as music, advertising, media, news, in line with Pop Art, as opposed to elitist culture in art. Benny's character will become the key and recurring element of the artist's creations, representative of an attitude conveyed by the work rather than the work itself.

Very quickly, Benny Arte will become Jonathan Becerra’s artist name.

Through the artist's proposals, from the staging of Benny's character to other figures in the geek universe and video games, a smooth transition will be operated towards a more intimate world, linked to Jonathan Becerra’s roots and in which will appear Native American figures, filling his new works with a poignant spirituality.

Soon after, a sphere appears (the "multiple sphere" series), set up in the four elements. Far from closing the chapter of the previous creations, it will lead to a new adventure which will cross paths again with the character of Benny.

Obviously, Benny Arte practices digital art with skill and passion and revisits both Pop Art, symbolism, figurative and abstract art, driven by his expertise combined with endless research in the digital field.

Jonathan Becerra has also created a virtual gallery (Walls Emerging) that supports international artists.

He is also President of the Milton Becerra Foundation.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Benny Arte
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