Bernardo Bellotto ( Canaletto * 1721 † 1780 )

Biography of Bernardo Bellotto (1721 - 1780)

Bernardo Bellotto was a Venetian painter, known for his realistic depiction of European cities. He was born on May 20 1722 in an artistic family in Venice. His talent was discovered and promoted by his uncle, known as Canaletto, an already a well-known verduten painter. Bellotto worked in Canaletto’s workshop. In 1738, he became a member of the painter's office and by 1742 about 300 of his 564 works were made.

It is difficult to distinguish the style of the nephew and his uncle. In addition, Bellotto later took over the artist pseudonym of Canaletto.

During a trip through Italy by himself, Bellotto was able to capture his own impressions without being under the influence of his uncle. Dozens of drawings from Rome were made by him and he managed to step out of the shadow of his uncle.

On October 17, 1780, Bernardo Bellotto died unexpectedly from a stroke.



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