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What is the next step after you have chosen your desired picture? Finding a suitable frame, of course. The role of a picture frame should not be underestimated. It's the crowning glory of your masterpiece.

A frame can help you bring out the subject more and accentuate the colors, light and atmosphere of your picture. The frame also plays a very practical role in protecting the image from environmental influences.

The biggest threats for your pictures are UV rays, the ozone content in the room air, dust and humidity. These external influences dramatically accelerate the ageing process of the picture, attack the colours and cause fading - of course the material of the frame or passe-partout also suffers under these conditions. The acids from conventional cardboard and wood also destroy the microclimate in your picture.

It is precisely for these reasons that our stretcher frames come from Finnish forests whose wood cultivation is certified sustainable. With the decorative frames we make sure that no critical tropical wood is used. Our passepartout cartons are of course acid-free and ph-neutral.

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1. Floater frames have an L-shaped profile. A "shadow gap" is the gap that is created between the frame and the stretcher frame. The two are screwed together. This creates a floating effect, which visually decouples the image from the frame. Ideally suited for canvas pictures.

2. Frames made of solid and stained wood have a pleasant and natural effect. In light, warm tones they earth the motif and make it in some way calm and homely. The dark and black wood colours are very universal and have a noble, subtle effect. The special feature is of course the wood grain, which looks authentic and unique.

3. Aluminium frames appear cooler, thus more distanced and modern. They are robust and stable.

4. Gallery frames are painted only after gluing and therefore no mitre cuts are visible. They are very simple and do not distract from the picture.

5. Baroque frames. These are aesthetic, splendid frames which refine your picture in a concise golden look. The ornaments on the profiles show acanthus leaves ("acanthus" is a plant genus) or grain patterns. They have always been a sign of luxury and splendor.

6th style frame. They resemble baroque frames and are cast, the mouldings are richly decorated and nobly lacquered.

7. Gilder's frames are custom-made. One of the characteristics is that the frames are worked over corner and thus do not show any mitre cuts.

An unframed picture has no focus for the eyes and creates less attachment to the motif. Nowadays, you can also play with the design, experiment with contrasts and styles. Feel free and mix the elaborate frame variations with simple motifs or vice versa.

What is a passe-partout?

A passe-partout adds emphasis and depth to an image, especially when it comes to graphics, photos, sketches and drafts. A passe-partout is the name given to a cardboard frame in arts and crafts. It gives the picture a distance from the frame, making it airier, more centred and protecting it at the same time. Direct contact with the glass can also have a negative effect, which is why a passe-partout, or alternatively a spacer strip, plays a very practical role.

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Roe Buck, Winter und Buck in the snow by Mark Adlington
Canvas prints on stretcher bars

Canvas prints on stretcher bars

Canvas pictures, in turn, can be stretched on a stretcher frame as desired. The stretcher frames do not have the function of a picture frame but serve as a fixation for the canvases.

Four strips are wedged together and the picture gets a special holder. The sides of the canvas print stretched on bars are a mirror image in the same color as the front picture.

It is also possible to retighten the stretcher frames yourself. This is always necessary if the image has been exposed to strong moisture.


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