Picture frames for every piece of art

Custom Picture frames

Explore our diverse collection of custom picture frames, meticulously crafted to enhance your cherished memories and art. Indulge in our selection of handmade baroque frames, sophisticated designer frames, luxurious gilded frames, elegant gallery frames, and innovative shadow gap frames, each curated to uniquely complement your space.

Enhance Your Art With Handcrafted Frames


Discover the elegance and diversity of our handcrafted frames, designed to showcase and enhance your art. Our collection ranges from the minimalist charm of Skandi Solid Wood to the contemporary edge of Floater Frames, and the versatile Style Frames. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting a blend of tradition and modernity. Embrace the perfect frame for your space, from our timeless Gallery Frames to the innovative aesthetics of our crafted selections, ensuring every artwork is displayed with the distinction it deserves.

Baroque Frame in Black and Gold

Custom Picture Frames to Complement Your Art


Of course we have to offer more than just reproductions. Upon request we also deliver our art prints and paintings with frames and coordinated mats. These frames are manufactured to the same high standards as our art. They are painted after the joining process, hiding the corner seam completely, and are assembled by hand so no screws are used.

We also pay attention that our frames are made from "Premium Wood", for example, our stretcher bars are made with FSC-Certified wood from Finnish forests. We do not use any synthetic materials or aluminum to make our frames. Many of these moldings are manufactured and painted in Germany, Holland and Italy.

We offer a wide variety of narrow, wide, shallow, deep, modern but also classic frames - all at special prices. We do not offer ready-made plastic, foam or aluminum frames in our catalog, because they do not do our high quality art reproductions justice. We manufacture for you museum quality - made from wood - precise and traditional frames.

The selection of frames is as customized as the selection of images, just the way you like it. First select the image and determine the size. Then you can frame your selection in our Framing Studio based on your taste. The dimensions of the frame are automatically proportioned to the painting according to seize you chose. 

A Timeless Portrait in a Gilded Frame

Young Bohemian Serb by Charles Landelle refined with a golden style frame. An elegant home decor setup featuring a classic oil painting with a gold frame, alongside a selection of indoor green plants, a marble bust, and decorative candles, all arranged on

A Harmony of Lines and Natural Wood Frames

Contemporary living room corner decorated with a cluster of framed line drawings on a pale yellow wall, complemented by a wooden bench with pink cushions, a small round side table, and a vase with pampas grass, creating a modern and simplistic interior de

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