Espen Eiborg ( * 1968 )

Portrait of Espen Eiborg

Biography of Espen Eiborg

Espen Eiborg is a Norwegian artist whose artworks move along between fantasy and reality. Eiborg's works convey the endless appetite for the utopian ideal of beauty. Espen Eiborg has developed a method that combines different techniques: acrylic and oil paints with oil chalk, spray paint, tar and glue, all applied with brush and knife.

The artist has a Master of Fine Arts Foundation NYSID. He worked for twelve years as an executive artist in New York City. Espen Eiborg already had numerous exhibitions: Clodagh, Karkula and Tucker Robbins in New York, Cross Gallery in Dublin, Nordiska Museet in Stockholm and Centre Culturel Suedois in Paris and Galerie (h) in Milan.

Some of his artworks were acquired by the Norwegian Trade Council in New York, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Dublin City Court of Appeals, Focus Bank, Folketeateret and First Securities in Oslo.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Robert Redford are among his fans. Also, he recently sold one of his paintings to Sean Penn during the exhibition 'LoveArt` in Monaco.



Video of Espen Eiborg
Wall art prints and famous paintings by Espen Eiborg
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