Ernst Ludwig Kirchner ( * 1880 † 1938 )

Self-portrait of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Through the Brushstrokes of Turmoil: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, born in the quaint town of Aschaffenburg on May 6, 1880, emerged as a pivotal figure in the evolution of Expressionism, weaving through its vibrant yet tormented tapestry. His journey into the arts took a significant turn when he pursued architectural studies in Dresden, only to find his true calling amidst the colors and forms of painting. It was his association with 'Die Brücke' (The Bridge) in 1905 that paved his way from Impressionism to the bolder, more emotive strokes of Expressionism, exploring themes that spanned portraits, nudes, landscapes, and urban vistas. Though his artistic brilliance shone brightly, commercial success eluded him in Dresden, prompting a move to Berlin in 1911.

Despite the change in scenery, Kirchner's struggles mirrored his earlier days, with limited recognition and financial success. His collaboration with Max Pechstein, resulting in an exhibition in 1911 and the eventual establishment of a painting school, did little to lift his prospects. Kirchner's chronicling of "Die Brücke" in 1913 not only documented a crucial era in art but also catalyzed the group’s dissolution. Amidst these challenges, the tranquil environs of the island of Fehmarn during a summer vacation became a canvas of creativity, resulting in an array of paintings that echoed both tranquility and underlying chaos.

The outbreak of the First World War in 1915 saw Kirchner joining the troops, only to depart due to psychological strains that would interweave with his subsequent creations. Resiliently, amidst the torment of war experiences and battles with illness within the confines of a sanatorium, his art found new breath and scale. His wife, Erna Schilling, became a beacon of support, facilitating the sale of his artworks in Berlin in 1917 while Kirchner, plagued by paralysis, resided in Switzerland. The climax of turmoil manifested in 1937 when the National Socialists purged over 600 of his creations, either through sales or destruction. Broken, yet immortal in his artistic legacy, Kirchner surrendered to his own hand on June 15, 1938.

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