Ferdinand Hodler ( * 1853 † 1918 )

Self-portrait of Ferdinand Hodler

Biography of Ferdinand Hodler (1853 - 1918)

The most famous Swiss painter of the 19th century, Ferdinand Hodler, was born on 14 March 1853 in Bern. His main style was symbolism and art nouveau.

The young Hodler grew up in poor conditions and had to provide for his family from an early age. In 1868, he became an illustrator. In 1871, he was discovered in Geneva by Barthélemy Menn, who accepted Hodler as a pupil. He then studied the Old Masters and oriented himself to the great artists of his time, Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet. In the middle of the 1880s, he developed his own art style - parallelism - and was strongly influenced by his confrontation with death during his childhood.

Hodler participated in more than 200 exhibitions and won 3 gold medals for his artworks at the 1900 World Exposition in Paris. His economic situation improved immediately, he was one of the leading painters in Europe and received great recognition until his death, on May 19, 1918.



Art prints and oil reproductions by Ferdinand Hodler

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