Frederick the Great

Portrait of Frederick the Great at the age of 68.

Friedrich the Great, King of Prussia and Prince elector of Brandenburg

"I am the first servitor of my Nation"

Frederick the Great was a much loved chief and an exceptional German figure. He was a successful Prussian commander but also an erudite, who composed music and played the flute. He was interested in almost every type of art.

Frederick the Great was a reformer and visionary who was inspired by the Lumières and maintained a regular correspondence with Voltaire. He reformed the Prussian society and constructed numerous schools for the people and his main prowess was the abolition of torture. However, since Prussia was a very powerful kingdom, Frederick the Great lead multiple merciless wars in order to expand his nation. Frederick the Great was born on January 24, 1712 in Berlin and died on August 17, 1786 in Potsdam.

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