Unique gifts for special people

We are always looking for gift ideas. A special birthday gift, a great idea for Christmas, nice gifts for Valentine's Day or simply to express a big thank you.

Nowadays it is no longer easy to find something special and unique to give to your loved one. It should be of high quality, durable and simply moving. The best is something individual and unique, which corresponds exactly to the taste of the person to whom it is given.

Art fits perfectly because it is timeless and moves the viewer. It is important to know in advance the favorite artist or even the favorite work of the receiver of the gift. Then you can easily have the work printed on a media of your choice. And finally, you can give it as a gift. To facilitate your selection, if you don't know which painting to order, we offer you a small selection of paintings below.

For astronauts

We all contemplate the infinite expanses meditating, observing the stars and enjoying the night sky. Choose the image that suits you, this is for those who have always wanted to travel to distant galaxies or those who love to play the silent observer of the infinite? These works of art will take you into a world of wonders and wonderful celestial bodies.

A sublime art »

For musicians

Here plays the first violin! If you are looking for musical accompaniment for the wall, you will find it in this collection. The most beautiful motifs of art history come together here for a concert of the most diverse styles. Are you looking for a picture with a particular instrument? Our selection is versatile and music lovers will certainly find something to their liking here.

Music, please »

For travelers

Can you smell that? The warm air of a new destination? Exploring new places has something very special, but you don't always have time for it. If you still want to get a little bit of city in your own four walls, the best way to do this is with art. We have collections for all kinds of cities and everyone can bring their favourite place home.

Take me back »

For cooking lovers

The right gift for people who like to cook does not necessarily have to go through the stomach. The kitchen or dining room can be attractively decorated to enjoy cooking and eating. Those who have acquired a special taste for art should definitely take a look at our collection on the subject of "Food & Drink". Perhaps there is something suitable for one or the other kitchen.

Little tip: Afraid of unsightly deposits due to grease splashes or moisture? Choose insensitive wall paintings made of glass or acrylic glass. You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth if a stain of sauce gets lost on them.

The art of gastronomy »

For plant lovers

Giving as a gift a classic bouquet of flowers has become a little bit outdated. Much more durable and beautiful in all circumstances is a reproduction with floral images. It is easy to maintain, does not wither and it fits well in any room. Our selection of floral images is huge, so you can get the most beautiful varieties or the most colorful bouquets to your loved ones.

Choose the most beautiful bouquet to give as a gift. Or visit our landscape images.


If you don't have too much time to choose, we have prepared for you a selection of images that we can print and send quickly. You can also simply purchase a gift voucher from ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM. You will receive it by e-mail and by post so that you can give your gift at the right time.

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