ESG glass

Glass prints

High quality art and photo prints on authentic tempered glass

Glass prints

High quality art and photo prints on authentic tempered glass

Can it be any better? Artworks & photos directly printed on authentic glass

We print your artworks and photos on real glass for a more modern and noble touch. We only use extremely high-quality ESG glass (toughened safety glass) according to DIN standards, which means that even if something goes wrong, there's nothing to worry about.

Authentic glass

Crystal clear glass prints

This high-quality clear glass is a special printing support, without the usual green color on the edges, which are very common on the market. This means that your glass print has a much lower light reflection, so the colors of your prints won't be masked nor clouded, which can happen with acrylic glass prints under some lightning conditions.

Your picture is mirrored and printed on the back of the glass support. Afterwards, the printing layer is sealed and secured.

We use a 4 mm thick glass, which weighs more than 10 kg for 1 m². Therefore, the print size for online orders is limited to 120 x 80 cm. On request, we can print up to 3 m and also thicker glass slabs (6 mm, 8 mm,10 mm).

Glass prints have slightly deburred edges.

Key benefits for authentic glass prints

Key benefits of our glass prints

Color: High color contrast due to the latest 8-color photoprinting technology.
Clear: ESG safety glass according to DIN
Versatile: Can be used in the kitchen or bathroom
Long-lasting: Extremely resistant
Handy: Very easy to clean
UV resistant: Guaranteed for 99 years
Pattern-free: Invisible 2000 dpi
High-quality finish: Includes Nielsen aluminum hanging system
Practical: Includes two safety brackets

We care about your health

We only use emission-free certified techniques for printing our reproductions on glass which makes them ideal for decorating your house interior or bedrooms. The Greenguard® certification guarantees a safe use of our product, so it can also be displayed in schools or daycares. 

This certifies that products for indoor use meet strict limits on chemical emissions, resulting in a healthier indoor environment.

We manage the following data formats: JPG, TIF, PDF or PNG. For TIF files, always chose RGB color values.

Wir verarbeiten die Dateiformate JPG, TIF, PDF oder PNG. Wählen Sie stets RGB als Farbraum. TIF und PDF-Dateien bitte ohne Ebenen anlegen. PDFs unbedingt in Zielgröße exportieren und alle Schriften in Pfade wandeln.