Grid hanging: pictures using the checkerboard hanging principle

Geometric perfection


The grid hanging looks clean and tidy thanks to its strict geometric alignment. For this to work, all of the images in the hanging should be the same format. Whether square, portrait or landscape is up to you.

The number of pictures is also open: If you have a lot of space on your walls, you can combine many small images or hang a few large ones in the grid. The hanging is also very suitable for smaller rooms, as it creates an orderly ambience thanks to the constant spacing.

A minimum of four images is needed to create the artistic grid and it should be an even number, as this is the only way to achieve a hanging that is balanced on all sides.

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Intense and modern


The grid hanging is particularly well suited if you have several pictures that thematically match each other. Good examples are botany, graphic prints or black and white photographs. Clear shapes and lines look very modern and stylish.

Photographs in monochrome colors can be easily combined and, thanks to their strong contrasts, give an intense overall picture.

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Falls of Bhagirathi river flowing at Gangotri (3020 m) (photo) - Artist Artist
Airplane - Christian Lindsten

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