Hanging pictures is easy!

Your paintings are small and big treasures that you would like to highlight on your walls. In order to show the beauty of each work and for your wall to look harmonious, you need to consider a few basic rules. Here are some suggestions to best display your paintings and highlight your walls with paintings and other images.

Hang pictures correctly on the wall by hanging the edges against the edges.


Masterpiece: Hang your wall pictures exactly on the edge?

With our tips you will master this hanging!

Hang pictures on the wall properly, hanging: Petersburg Hanging

St. Petersburg Hanging

Like a Russian Tsar

This fixing system is inspired by the lush walls of the St. Petersburg hermitage.

Hang pictures on the wall properly, hanging: Hanging in rows. Hanging pictures in a row can tell a story or represent a scene. Hanging automatically connects the motifs with each other.

Suspension in a row

All in a row!

In case you want to hang the paintings in a row, the images can be placed along an imaginary central line.

Hang pictures on the wall properly, hanging: Grid suspension

Grid suspension

The principle of the chessboard

The distances between the images are identical and the images are symmetrical and proportional.

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