Jan Brueghel d. Ä. ( Jan 'Velvet' Brueghel velours * 1568 † 1625 )

Biography of Jan Brueghel the Elder

Jan Brueghel the Elder - Flowers of Brueghel (1568 - 1625)

Jan Brueghel was born in 1568, 2nd son of the painter Pieter Brueghel. In 1578, his mother died and young artist along with his family decided to move to Antwerp where the grandmother of Brueghel, a painter of miniatures, could take care of the children.
At age 21, Jan Brueghel leaves his family nest to travel throughout Europe. A journey that can be reconstituted in detail: in 1590, he traveled to Naples, between 1592 and 1594, he traveled to Rome and settled in Milan where he worked for the Cardinal Frederico Borromeo until 1596.

In 1599, Jan Brueghel returned to Antwerp to marry Isabella de Jode. In 1601, his first son was born and in the same year, Brueghel was named citizen of Antwerp and Superior of the Brotherhood of San Lucas.

In 1604, Brueghel undertook a trip to Prague where he married the same year Catherine Van Marienburg. In 1606, he became the court painter in Brussels. Later he traveled with Van Balen and Rubens to the Netherlands. He painted for the Archduke Albrecht of Austria and King of Poland before dying of cholera on January 13, 1625.

Jan Brueghel was a great painter and had many students. In his early years, he copied the style of his father before developing his own, giving an intense attention to detail. Jan Brueghel was recognized especially for his floral compositions.



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