Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot ( * 1796 † 1875 )

Portrait of Camille Corot

Biography of Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

French generous landscape painter Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot was born on 16 July 1796 in Paris. Before he devoted himself to painting at the age of 26, he was a trained cloth merchant.

Corot was known for his work during his lifetime and sold his art very successfully. This is due to the clever marketing of his works. Corot, who neither married nor had children, donated a large part of his wealth to charities. The poor and the orphans in particular benefited from his generosity.

Corot primarily painted landscapes and women. His paintings are characterized by tender colors, with which he managed to capture the mood of a place. The mood painting was his hobby. After 1850 he perfected this art. He was considered the leading landscape painter in France and one of the most copied artists worldwide. But he himself was responsible: he did not sign each work, gave away pictures with or without signature, had copies made himself or allowed the reproduction of some pictures explicitly.

Corot decisively influenced impressionism and was the main representative of the School of Barbizon, a group of French landscape painters. Many artists relied on training with him. His most important apprentice was Camille Pissarro.

Corot died at the age of 78 in Paris, where he was also buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery.



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