Joachim W. Dettmer ( * 1944 )

Biography of Joachim W. Dettmer

Always documenting and interpreting the images of our world

The photographer Joachim W. Dettmer has already exhibited his photos in 40 countries around the world and is known for his artistic photography and photojournalism. Several awards and publications in the specialist and daily press speak for him and his works.

For Joachim W. Dettmer, photography means: “A wonderful and ideal opportunity to document our still beautiful world anew and to interpret. Even for all those who have not yet looked behind the really important things in our world, photography, as a school of seeing and recognizing, could even lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life with new content and values. This could also be a hopeful path for all extremists, egoists and chaos of our time, before they have eaten up all the tolerance in this world. ”(Quote: Joachim W. Dettmer)



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Joachim W. Dettmer
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