Karin Greife ( * 1966 )

Portrait of Karin Greife

Biography of Karin Greife

Karin Greife, born in 1966, has been a professional artist since 2008. She lives and works in Lüneburg, a small town near Hamburg. There, she has a studio in the "Kulturbäckerei" that opened in 2014. The painter has already created many works of art for international companies and some of her original paintings are displayed in Shanghai, Australia and the USA. The main subjects in her artworks are cities and places such as Shanghai, New York, Hamburg, Hiddensee or Sylt. She usually works with acrylic paint on canvas, but also mixes different materials and often works with different layers, making her paintings particularly vivid and deep.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Karin Greife
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