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Master chefs, attention!

If you are a food lover, you know that the tastiest food can come from the most unusual streets, or the farthest corner of the city. However, the general rule is: the eye wants its share.

This is why we recommend that you design your kitchen in an attractive way, highlighting the culinary delights of you dishes that you love. Choose your favourite colours that will stimulate your desire to cook. Your kitchen will be incredible with a few accessories and a few works of art on the wall.

Images of food and drinks

Botanic kitchen

Images of beautiful plants on the walls of your kitchen are easy to combine and give the right inspiration to start cooking.

Lavender Spike by Elizabeth Blackwell
Rosemary and other herbs by Elizabeth Rice

Flowers pictures for a country style

Popular kitchens in country homes are known for their use of natural materials such as wood.

In combination with this, fresh and cosy colors on the wall such as beige, blue or green are particularly suitable. Green tones also have an appetizing effect and encourage healthy cooking.

Flowers and herbs ensure liveliness and harmonize with the style of the country house.

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Botanic images by Pierre Joseph Redouté

Spice for the modern kitchen

Modern kitchens are known for their reduction to the essentials.

Typical is the use of black or white kitchen cabinets in combination with cool materials such as marble or concrete.

Photo motifs are the perfect ingredient to give the modern kitchen the necessary spice. Landscape shots, animal motifs or portraits in black and white are always eye-catchers.

Here you will certainly find many motifs that meet your taste and look good in your kitchen.

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AluDibond Aluminium prints in your kitchen

Alu-Dibond images not only look like a high quality recipe with their silky matte finish, but the aluminum composite panel on which your artwork is printed is also durable. This quality makes it perfect for the cooking area.

Discover the images printed on AluDibond aluminium

Small kitchens, beautiful images

Space in the kitchen is often limited. Especially in small rooms, subtle and reduced designs must be used.

Light colors also make a larger room appear larger. The same effect can be achieved by repeating the same color on furniture and walls. In this way, even small spaces appear tidy and structured.

Use our color search to find color-matched artwork for your kitchen.

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Durable and beautiful: glass pictures

In the kitchen, things get hot. Real glass pictures are easy to clean and thus safe from grease, water and food.

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Images for a pleasing kitchen

Would you like a hot coffee or a piece of cake?

Coffee break by Catrin Welz-Stein
Still life, coffee and cake by Diana Krinninger

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