DIY: Washi Tape – nicely scotch-tapped

Are your frames boring too? In these situations, you are looking for unconventional solutions to decorate or make an original arrangement. You can easily be creative and find a solution that is easy to implement. All you need are adhesive tapes in different colours.

The adhesive tapes are economical, versatile and available in countless colors and patterns. Create an original and eccentric frame for your photo or simply highlight a detail with a frame inside the frame.

Get your souvenir photos, old photos or printed posters, hang them up and put them on the wall. Then take the tape and fix it as a frame around your photos. If you just want to set the accents, you can use the ribbon to accentuate any part of the image.

Creative ideas with adhesive tape

Choose ribbon colors to match your interior and color concept or choose intentional contrasts. Coloured adhesive tapes put you in a good mood and the selection is fun: dots, stripes, glittering, narrow, wide, with and without ornament. It will be an elegant monochrome in black, grey or white.

You don't need scissors or prior knowledge. The craft project can be a lot of fun for children too. Let the little ones decorate their rooms with pictures painted by themselves. The tape method is perfect for this example, because the pictures directly on the wall are particularly beautiful in the case of children's drawings.

Picture : Portrait of Hélène Klimt - Gustav Klimt

You won't go wrong with this decorative trick. You don't like it? Take the ribbon off! You can easily replace it without leaving a trace.

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