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Characteristics of our passepartouts:

✓ Highlighted motifs
✓ Free sizes up to XXXL
✓ Best quality
✓ Long lasting beauty


Passe-partouts are cardboard frames placed in the perimeter of photos and drawings. They do not only protect the paper from the frame and glazing, but also have an esthetic goal. Passe-partouts enhance the value and visual effect of the art prints by creating a space between the image and the framing. This arrangement can be use for any image size. The larger the mat, the stronger the visual effect. Our passe-partouts are pH neutral and acid-free.

When should you order a passepartout?

For graphics, sketches and drawings, passepartouts are stylistically a must.

Cardboard passepartouts did not appear until the late 18th century and were not common before. Passepartouts in past centuries had the primary task of protecting printes or drawings art on paper, because the woods used for framing at the time were strongly acidic and attacked the artwork.

But the combination of images on canvas with the passepartout carton was considered a break in style back then. This is especially true for oil painting. You will hardly find in the museum an oil painted work that contains a passe-partout carton.

For technical reasons it is not possible to combine canvas prints or handpainted oil paintings with a passepartout, because then we would have to laminate the canvas on wood -which is not an optimal esthetic solution.

If you order a passepartout, your image is additionally provided with a high-quality acrylic glass. This is essential to protect the passepartout from moisture.


The hand-made handmade paper Albrecht Dürer from the Hahnemühle manufactory can be ripped by hand using traditional techniques. This means that the image does not have smooth-cut paper edges, but they are processed as with historical original graphics. A passe-partout makes this traditional finish stand out perfectly.


The cardboard used on our passepartouts is acid-free and pH-neutral. They are characterized by their time and light resistance according to the DIN 6738 standards.

Classic passepartout

Passepartout with elevation

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