Southern charm in your house

Mediterranean at home

Terracotta, rattan and mosaics: Mediterranean furnishings not only spread holiday feelings, but are also really cozy thanks to warm tones and natural materials. With matching art prints you can create the flair of the Mediterranean at home.


Viva España


Siesta, fiesta and joy of life : Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe thanks to its white sand beaches, beautiful coastal roads and picturesque fishing villages.

The Spanish Mediterranean interior is characterized by warm colors in orange, brown and terracotta. Combined with robust pieces of furniture made of wood and stone, the result is a comfortable ambience all year round.

Summer art prints with the typical olive treesand turquoise sea bring happiness and the Spanish lifestyle in your home.

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Provence style


Romantic elegance of the Riviera: the southern French furnishing style is characterized by light wood furniture, chic marble and warm atmosphere.

The warm colors typical of the Mediterranean area, such as terracotta, orange or ochre are as popular as the purple tones, reminding of the French lavender fields.

Provence is particularly popular among the members of the high society and the high quality art creates the typical Hollywood atmosphere of the French Riviera.

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French Riviera style with light wooden furniture combined with art prints with intense colors

Greek freshness


White and blue are not only the colors of the Greek flag, this combination can be found everywhere else in the country. White house facades with blue roofs are typical features of the popular Greek islands Mykonos or Santorini.

Characterized by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, olive trees, good wine and warm climate, Greece is the holiday destination par excellence. With maritime pictures on your walls, you can bring the holiday feeling at home.

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Bella Italia


Italy is known for its sense of art and design. The special Italian charm is found in the combination of modern and classic.

The bond with the Catholic Church through the Vatican and the long history of the Roman Empire still characterize the country today. In a timeless way, this long history still finds its way into the Italian interior.

The Renaissance, which found its origin in Italy, belongs with its great artists like da Vinci or Michelangelo to Italy like pizza, pasta and gelato.

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Italian interior with Renaissance paintings

On vacation

The most beautiful beaches, the most romantic sunsets and the most impressive sea animals make everybody dream about sea and vacations.

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Summer Flux - Paulo Dias
Palm trees in Lanzarote - Laura Nenz

Want some more inspiration?

Scandi style home decoration

Scandi Style

Scandinavian trend ideal for a modern and cozy interior style.

Images for the design of your kitchen

Prints on your kitchen wall

An excellent way to add personality and color to your kitchen, creating a welcoming atmosphere that will inspire you to cook.

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