Nicolas Poussin ( * 1594 † 1665 )

Biography of Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin was born on 15 June 1594 in Les Andelys (France, Normandy). He was the son of an impoverished country nobleman and a former royal army soldier.

Between 1612 and 1621 he developed his skills in painterly education in Rouen and Paris, where he also met the poet Marino. This inspired him for the Greek and Roman mythology, which strongly inspired and influenced Nicolas Poussin.

The art classification of Nicolas Poussin is difficult. Although he painted in the heyday of Roman Baroque, his paintings differ in their composition as well as in the color composition and other aspects of Baroque paintings. He did not paint - as usual for Baroque painters - for clients for the purpose of political and religious propaganda, but served with his pictures artistic, intellectual and aesthetic needs of collectors and connoisseurs.

On 19 November 1665, the French painter died at the age of 71 years in Rome.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Nicolas Poussin
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