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Our non-woven wallpaper is different from what you can usually find on the market. We've made sure that our printing materials are high-quality and that the colors, as well as the details on the prints, remain exactly the same as the ones on the original image. Compared to our competition, our wallpaper prints don't contain any printing marks or flaws, nor any glossy effect. Your art prints on wallpaper will really look like a fresco!

If you want to cover an entire wall, the quality of the images in our catalog is high enough to make perfect enlargements for XXXL wallpaper prints. All our images are scanned with the latest technology. They come directly from museums and photography agencies all over the world.

This type of wallpaper prints are easy to paste and to remove. Therefore, you can change your wallpaper as many times as you want without any problems.

Our fresco collection ideal for non-woven wallpaper


Our non-woven wallpaper prints have a fine structure, suitable for plain and colorful frescos for your wall. The materials used are 100% PVC-free and B1 certified (flame resistant) according to DIN 4102-1 standards.

Non-woven wallpaper prints are recommended for any interior decoration and fresco-looking wallpaper. It can be glued with any common wallpaper glue, easy to find in any hardware stores. Our wallpaper prints come in strips up to 1 meter wide (39.4 inches).


We recommend you to use glue without solvent such as Ovalit T or Henkel. Our non-woven wallpaper is hardly flammable (German certification B1 DIN4102-1). Wallpaper should be applied on a dry and clean surface.


1. Apply the glue directly on the wall.

2. Unfold the strips from the top to the bottom, starting from the lateral sides of your windows.

Caution: make sure your non-woven wallpaper is correctly orientated and each strip is unfold next to each other without overlapping. You may brush each strip from the center to the sides to get rid of air bubbles.

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