Hand painted oils

The kiss from Gustav Klimt

Hang up oil paintings correctly

Do you also have an oil treasure on your wall? Or are you planning to buy a real hand-painted oil painting? Then you may be wondering how you can optimally place the artwork on the wall and which care is best for your picture?

Do not place in the sun!

It is important for the location of your oil painting that you do not permanently expose it to direct sunlight. This basically applies to any print on canvas or paper. The fine color lies directly on the surface and is delivered without protection to the sun.

Also make sure not to hang the oil painting in the immediate vicinity of your bed. Within the first year after purchase, the paint naturally evaporates when it dries.

Oil painting care instructions

The special thing about your oil painting is, among other things, that the brushstrokes are visible. This is a great sight, but dust also likes to land on the smallest areas. Therefore, you should not only clean your painting on the frame, but also very carefully on the surface with a clean feather duster.

You should absolutely avoid contact with water. Even myths from the home remedies division, such as rubbing the canvas with a bacon rind, bread or an onion, are actually useless and damage your picture. If your painting is heavily soiled, you can also consult an expert who will take care of your painting professionally.

Lady with an ermine (Cecelia Gallerani) - Leonardo da Vinci

Skilfully stage oil paintings

The best way to hang your picture depends on your very own style of furnishing, the respective wall and the effect you want to achieve. If you want to focus on the individual picture, the hanging as a soloist is perfect for you. If you want to show your collection as extensively as possible, the St. Petersburg hanging might be the right thing for you.

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