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Passe-Partout: The Ideal Frame

Discover the perfect finishing touch for your graphic masterpieces with our passe-partout frames. Designed to complement and protect, our passe-partouts elevate the presentation of any artwork.

Passe-Partout: Quality and Customization for Lasting Artistry


Discover the defining features of our passe-partouts:
✓ Emphasize and frame your artwork with motifs that stand out
✓ Customizable to any size, as grand as XXXL, for the perfect fit
✓ Crafted from premium materials for unmatched quality
✓ Designed for enduring appeal, ensuring lasting beauty for your art pieces

Passe-Partout : Elevating and Protecting Your Art


Our passe-partouts serve as more than just a protective barrier between your artwork and its frame or glazing; they are a design choice that can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photographs and drawings. By introducing a carefully calibrated space between the image and its frame, passe-partouts create a visual breathing room that amplifies the presence of any sized artwork. Crafted with pH-neutral and acid-free materials, our passe-partouts are engineered to not only beautify but also preserve the integrity of your art for the long haul.

The Essential Role of Passe-Partouts in Art Presentation


In the world of art display, the inclusion of a passe-partout is not just a stylistic preference but a historical practice, particularly when it comes to graphics, sketches, and drawings. Originating in the late 18th century, passe-partouts were a revolutionary addition to art framing, primarily to shield the paper-based artworks from the damaging acids present in the wood of older frames.

However, it's notable that traditional passe-partouts were not typically used with canvas artworks, such as oil paintings. A stroll through any museum will reveal that oil masterpieces rarely feature these cardboard borders. It's a stylistic fidelity to the era when they were created, where canvas works were presented without the passe-partout interruption.

In modern times, for practical and aesthetic reasons, canvas prints and hand-painted oil paintings still do not pair with passe-partouts. The process would require adhering the canvas to a rigid back, which could compromise the visual appeal. But when a passe-partout is appropriate for your art, particularly with paper-based pieces, it is complemented by high-quality acrylic glass protection to safeguard against moisture, ensuring your artwork remains pristine within its elegant passe-partout frame.

Exquisite Handmade and Watercolor Papers

Crafted with meticulous attention to tradition, the Albrecht Dürer handmade paper from Hahnemühle is a testament to the art of papermaking. Employing age-old techniques, each sheet can be torn by hand, giving it a distinctive edge reminiscent of historical artworks. These rough-hewn perimeters lend an authentic touch, evoking the essence of original graphic works. When framed with a passe-partout, the paper's classic beauty is further accentuated, making it an ideal backdrop for showcasing art with an appreciation for heritage and craftsmanship.

Assured Longevity for Art Preservation

Our passe-partouts are crafted from cardboard that is both acid-free and pH-neutral, ensuring that they meet the rigorous time and light resistance requirements set forth by DIN 6738 standards. This meticulous selection of materials guarantees that the passe-partouts will stand the test of time, maintaining their integrity and the vibrancy of the art they encase.

Passe-Partout Showcasing Linear Drawing Art

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Line Drawings as Backed Passepartouts on the Wall

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