Ideas for beautiful memories: holiday photos

Print your own photos: Opuntia quiba by Draghici Andrei

Stage your own photos impressively

Everyone knows that you can do much more with photos than sharing them on Facebook or printing them out on paper. But you might not yet know that your own pictures look especially impressive as individual prints or paintings.

You can have your photos printed on high-quality paper or real canvas. Or you can choose an unusual material to capture your most beautiful memories.

For example, how about a Dibond picture, as a poster, on fine art paper, on glossy photo paper, hold print or as a glass picture?

Choose the exact size and print medium that best suits your photography and your home environment.

Direct prints on a natural wood material

Using your own photos makes your decoration more unique. You can bring authenticity out of your art prints by using real natural wood as a support since all our wood slabs are different from each other.

If you print your images on a natural wood slab, keep in mind that wood’s natural color can change the original colors on the image (they will appear more yellowish and all white shades will not be printed) and wood features remain visible. You can add a white coat on the wood so the colors on the print are closer to the ones in the original image. However, natural wood features will still remain visible.  

Your photos printed on aluminum and acrylic glass

Chose acrylic glass or aluminum for a cool optical effect

Dibond aluminum is a composite plate made with aluminum, ideal for prints. Technically, the term “Dibond” usually refers to an image directly printed on an aluminum plate. This type of printing support doesn’t need a frame since it’s very robust and long-lasting. Dibond aluminum has a matt and non-reflective surface so it can be display in spaces with difficult lighting conditions.

If you’re looking for something glossier, you can opt for prints on acrylic glass. Your image is printed behind an acrylic glass slab. In contrast with Dibond aluminum, the print’s colors will be more intense. You can chose the acrylic glass slab’s thickness.

High-gloss, on the other hand, are prints under acrylic. Here the motif is printed mirrored behind the glass. Different depths are possible. Pictures behind acrylic glass have a higher colour depth than Dibond pictures. Therefore, they make dark photographs, for example, appear more contrasty and deeper.

Whereupon the choice also falls: Good prints also enhance your own motifs and turn simple holiday pictures into true works of art!

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