Alfred Sisley ( * 1839 † 1899 )

Alfred Sisley (1839-99) c.1895 (b/w photo) - French Photographer

Biography from Alfred Sisley

Poetry and Grace

Alfred Sisley, born in Paris on October 30, 1839, was not recognized during his lifetime as he deserved. He was one of the founders of the Impressionist art mouvement, and his friends included Renoir and Monet. Sisley came from an English merchant family whose fortune initially enabled him to pursue the profession of painter. However, the family lost this fortune in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, so that Alfred Sisley was penniless from now on and had to keep afloat with occasional sales of his works.

Among his artistic role models were the English landscape painters of the early 19th century, such as William Turner, John Constable, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, and Gustave Courbet.

His landscape paintings have a toned style of painting. There are few still lives and portraits of him. In contrast to Claude Monet, with whom Alfred Sisley is often compared, the forms in Sisley's works remain closed, whereas they tend to dissolve in Monet. Sisley's art is reserved, just as he was, with a strong sense of poetry and grace.

On January 29, 1899, he died of throat cancer. Camille Pissarro wrote about him shortly before his death: "He is a great and wonderful artist. In my opinion he equals the most important masters. "



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