Art style Surrealism


Surrealism is an art form that mixes subjects revolving around fantasy, the unknown and oneirism. This artistic movement was based on an anarchist and revolutionary political movement, becoming the successor of Dadaism. The founding fathers of Surrealism were the writer André Breton and the painter Max Ernst, who created the movement in 1919. The oneiric world and the state of unconsciousness are the main source of inspiration. This is why this type of artworks are full of surrealistic and abstract objects far from reality.

Their working method consisted on disconnecting from reality and entering an unconscious state of mind in order to enter the world of dreams. Creating an artwork is then a spontaneous process, without any sense of self-censorship nor limitation. Several artists decided to join this movement: Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Jean Arp and René Magritte.

You can live your own surrealistic experience through visual artworks from this movement, full of color, amazing drawings and mythical and fantastic visions.


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