Art style Surrealism

Surrealism: a Gateway to a World Beyond Reality


Surrealism, a revolutionary art form, delves into realms of fantasy, the unknown, and oneirism, offering a vivid exploration of the human mind's uncharted territories. Originating as an anarchist and revolutionary political movement, it evolved to be the successor of Dadaism in the artistic world, with its roots planted firmly in 1919 by writer André Breton and painter Max Ernst.

The allure of surrealism lies in its uncanny ability to draw inspiration from the oneiric world and the unconscious mind, projecting images filled with abstract and surreal objects distanced from the reality we perceive. The essence of creating surrealist artworks is deeply embedded in the spontaneous process, a journey untethered by the constraints of reality and unfiltered by self-censorship. The artists immerse themselves in an unconscious state of mind, allowing a seamless entry into the world of dreams and fantasies.

Eminent artists like Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Jean Arp, and René Magritte were drawn to the unrestricted freedom and unique expressiveness that surrealism offered, joining the movement and contributing to its rich tapestry. Their masterpieces are rife with vibrant colors, intricate drawings, and depictions of mythical and fantastical visions, transporting the observer into a realm of unparalleled surrealistic experiences.

Through the visual masterpieces of the surrealism movement, you have the opportunity to experience the unbounded and vividly colorful worlds, inviting you to question, explore, and lose yourself in the mythical and the fantastic.

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