Tips and suggestions for your home on ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM

Tips and suggestions for your home

Are you looking for inspiration or simply wondering: how do you re-tension a canvas on a frame? Or, which image goes well with my wall? Or, what advice would you have on how to clean and maintain your oil painting in the best possible way?

On these pages you will find tips and tricks for paintings on canvas, art prints, wooden frames, frames, real oil paintings, furniture, gift ideas and DIY tips.

Floral art as murals

Flower Lexicon of Art

Blooming art prints for creative walls

The most beautiful flowers for their four walls and their meaning. Enjoy a piece of nature on your wall.

Gift ideas for art lovers

Gift Ideas

Gift idea for art lovers

Stimulating and fresh images that are perfect for any occasion.

Combine masking tape effectively with pictures


Use masking tape effectively

Bring to life the boring picture frames with masking tape. DIY: crafting and decorating.

Which frame fits my picture?

Picture Frame

Which frame best matches my image?

Images as decorative elements of your home? Our advice will help you to find the right picture frames for your reproductions.

The latest trend in furnishing: pastel for your home

Decorate with pastel

Furnishing very trendy: Pastel for your home

Pastel colors are the trend colors. Romantic and subtle. Bring this trend mix to your home.

Print your own pictures on canvas, paper, wood, glass or aluminum bond

Your own pictures

On canvas, paper, wood, glass and ...

Keep the unforgettable moments forever, beautifully unframed and in the best quality.

Staging oil paintings correctly - tips for the care and cleaning of oil paintings

Tips for oil paintings

Presents oils on canvas in perfect style

Tips for the maintenance and cleaning of oil paintings for a perfect presentation.