Urban jungle style decoration with plants and matching paintings

Feeling good in the Urban Jungle

A piece of nature at home: The Urban Jungle Style lives on plants, natural colors and materials. With the right art prints on the wall, you can make your home jungle look perfect.


Plants in the room and on the pictures on the wall for a green home

Tropical trend


Escaping from everyday life in the nature directly from the sofa: Urban Jungle brings freshness and naturalness into your own four walls. In addition to all kinds of plants and flowers, the tropical style includes also botanical prints.

The great thing about plants as an art print? They never die and always show their most beautiful side, regardless of season, light and water.

Whether cactus, bow hemp or dragon tree, in our collection Urban Jungle you will find all sorts of exotic and native plants.

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Cosmos sway - Mandy Disher
Purple Jack in Pulpit (Arisaema propinquum) - Artist Artist

Green oasis


Besides green as the main color, trend natural tones such as beige and brown join in the Urban Jungle style because they harmonize perfectly with green.

The Inspiration for the materials comes from the forest as well. Wood, Rattan or Linen work wonderfully, but if you like the contrast and modern trends, you can also choose metal as an industrial counterpart to the flora and fauna.

Illustrations with plant motifs in a wood frame also match the earth tones of the Urban Jungle style.

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Botanical illustrations for a cozy jungle flair

Jungle flair


Evade the fast-paced big cities and create a quiet urban jungle oasis in your own walls: this includes not only plants, flowers and wood, but also animals that inhabit the jungle.

Frogs, colorfully feathered birds and playful monkeys: wildlife photography captures the colorful and fascinating world of animals. Thus, a touch of exoticism moves into your jungle at home.

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