Pavel van Golod ( * 1972 )

Biography of Pavel van Golod

Pavel van Golod was born in 1972 in Saint-Petersburg. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, he emigrated to Germany.

He trained there as a carpenter before moving to Hamburg, where he still lives today. He initially returned to artistic activities before doing an internship in graphic design at the water sports magazine "PALSTEK", working as a photo assistant and image editor at "Peter Allert Fotografie" and then making book illustrations and artistic props for feature and commercial film productions and portrait photographers.

Pavel van Golod paints most of his pictures for comic books. The carefully selected motifs are taken out of context, which gives them a very special meaning. Many examples of Golod's creative work can be found on his website:

At the moment, he works primarily as a contract artist and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas for independent work.



Art prints and oil reproductions by Pavel van Golod

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