Christine von Wiegen

Christine von Wiegen

Living, creative and universal photographs

Christine von Wegen studied etching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg. She also photographed and used these motifs for her engravings.

The artist had her first contact with art when she was a street portraitist. She was fascinated by the ability of a few strokes to distinguish the peculiarities of a face. But Von Wegen wanted to capture portraits on photos and capture fleeting moments with the camera.

Later, Von Wegen worked for her own account. She now has a small studio for portrait, wedding and baby photography. Working with young children is particularly exciting for her: the informality and honesty of the children can lead to surprising moments that give her a lot of pleasure.

Von Wegen has been discovering the vast world of nature photography for many years. Still, life, images of flowers, exceptional places, your shining images, in their natural colourfulness, those are real works of art.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Christine von Wiegen
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