William Turner ( Joseph Mallord * 1775 † 1851 )

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William Turner, the Master of Romantic Landscape


Joseph Mallord William Turner, born on April 23, 1775, in London, was a prodigious talent in the world of art. By 1789, he was already enrolled at the Royal Academy, and a year later, he had his first exhibition featuring his watercolor paintings. Turner later expanded his skills under the mentorship of artist Thomas Malton and by 1796, he made his debut in oil painting.

In the early 1800s, after extensive travels to destinations like Scotland, Switzerland, and France, Turner founded his own gallery. By 1807, he had secured a professorship at the Royal Academy and took on the task of managing the "Liber Studiorum," a register where he sorted paintings based on his unique classifications.

A trip to Italy in 1819-1820 marked a turning point in his artistic style. Although the new direction led to some criticism and the Royal Academy discontinuing the exhibition of some of his later works, Turner remained undeterred. He continued to travel, particularly to Southern Europe and Venice, where he drew inspiration from the rich, romantic colors of the landscape.

Turner passed away on December 19, 1851, in London, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most preeminent artists in romantic landscape painting.

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