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The production as well as the offices of KUNSTKOPIE.DE are based in Hamburg. This is where all our reproductions are made and where our graphic, marketing, customer support and accounting services are located.

In 2002, Hardy Schulz developed an English version of the site before it was translated into other major European languages. Today, Frank Driessen represents the brand at KUNSTKOPIE.NL in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Antibes, France, a team of four people manages the French market (REPRO-TABLEAUX.COM), Italian market (COPIA-DI-ARTE.COM), Spanish market (REPRODART.COM), and Czech market (MYARTPRINTS.CZ) under the direction of Jean-Gérard and Iveta Anfossi.

Overall, the KUNSTKOPIE.DE service is now available in ten different languages worldwide, with six different domain names.

Hardy Schulz - Managing Director and founder of KUNSTKOPIE.DE


Hardy Schulz is a business school graduate with a specialization in marketing and business administration.

In 1999, he founded the first online store specializing in custom art reproductions: KUNSTKOPIE.DE. For the past 20 years, he has been leading the company, which is headquartered in Hamburg and has a production team of approximately 40 employees.



In the heart of Hamburg, directly between Eimsbüttel and Altona, from accounting to marketing and customer support, to prepress and full production, all processes in the company are locally based. In Amsterdam, Netherlands, we operate a branch for the Benelux countries and in Antibes, France, we serve the "Latin" markets. Overall, our KUNSTKOPIE.DE service is now present throughout Europe and North America.


High quality standards in prepress

Quality Above All


Our mission is to deliver very good quality in our manufactory. This starts with the selection of motifs in museum archives, with our contemporary artists and photographers.

We employ well-trained media operators who, due to their many years of experience with art and digital prepress, have the necessary skills. Masterful color management, calibration, and profiling with the spectrophotometer are the basis for perfect art prints.

Our first employee started as early as 2000 and is still an art copyist with heart and mind today.

Know-How & Efficiency


We are high-tech. For example, in digital printing, a little more is always better. A regular printing house uses exactly four colors to produce a good print. However, this is hardly sufficient for the nuanced color diversity of fine art and art photography. But because our in-house digital printing company S.M.P. Sign Systems GmbH has been specializing in digital art printing since 1993, we use what are probably the best UHD 12-color art printing systems in the world. These easily achieve the vast color gamuts of fine art and also provide a completely raster-free image reproduction. And that, UV-resistant.

Print finishing - digital and by hand
Sustainable local image production in Hamburg

Sustainable Products


We also generate an ecological footprint. But for years, we have been taking measures to constantly reduce it. It starts with the selection of our printing media. Thus, we are almost the only canvas print producer to use exclusively pure cotton canvases. We do not use polycotton, which dominates the market by 95%. Our art papers and watercolor papers also come exclusively from sustainably certified paper mills in Germany. The art prints and canvas paintings are printed solvent-free with water-based inks. Therefore, you could even compost your canvas painting at the end of its life.

Tropical wood in frame construction? Our stretcher frames are produced by a certified Danish wood specialist. We use Scandinavian pine, as Scandinavian pine wood production is one of the most sustainable forestry industries in the world. And the picture frames also all come from Europe and are never made of tropical wood.



Tradition means that we create the pictures in the same way you have always found them in specialty frame shops, in true artisan tradition. With us, you won't find plastic frames with interchangeable magnets or DIY store quality. Our stretcher frames can be retightened and come with a hanging system. A framed art print is properly mounted on acid-free cardboard, so it never becomes wavy. Of course, a good art print is hermetically sealed with glazing and completed with an MDF back panel.

And tradition also means that you can speak to us personally and not be frustrated by an automated phone system.

Handcrafted work in the frame manufacture
Variety at ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM: 500,000 images + 300 high-quality frame styles

A Large Variery


At ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM, you will see more images than at the Louvre, the Hermitage, and the Alte Nationalgalerie combined. There are hardly any images that we do not have in stock. In addition, you will find a huge selection of curated art photos, as well as the works of thousands of contemporary artists. You can choose your favorite motif from over 500,000 images - sorted by collections, artists, colors, styles, sizes, museums, recommendations, offers, or even by sales rank.

And because you always have the choice of size, cropping, print medium, mat colors, and frame mouldings, each image becomes a unique work of art.

Ready-to-Hang Canvas


A canvas print only becomes a good canvas picture when stretched on a stretcher frame. And a canvas picture should be ready to hang. But what use is that if you don't have the right dowel or steel nail at hand? We have looked at our products and put together a package of quality hanging materials for each finished picture. So you always have a choice. Do you want to hang your picture at one or two points? Or do you prefer rope hangings or toothed plates? All systems are included and, with the lovingly designed hanging guide, as easy to implement as those you know from Scandinavian furniture stores. And don't worry, the hanging system we consider most suitable is always pre-mounted.
Do you like crooked hanging pictures? Of course, our oblong hole plates for easy leveling are also included with every ready-to-hang picture.

Care with Attention to Detail

Security First


It goes without saying that we only offer secure payment methods and do not store any payment data online. The TrustedShops seal also proves this, as it regularly checks and is the leading consumer protection provider across Europe. A look at our star ratings shows that you are on the safest side with us. And not just with TrustedShops, but also with Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and many others.

And even in shipping, no one can beat us. Our award-winning picture cartons guarantee a damage rate of less than one percent. And if something does go wrong with the shipping, just give us a call, we will take care of it immediately, and you will receive your perfect picture.

Our Company History

Is it really 25 years already? When I look back: yes, it was indeed a long time and that should be celebrated.

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